Report a Crime



WeTip provides an anonymous crime and incident reporting hotline to students and their families. WeTip's hotline is a solution for people to get involved in establishing safer schools and communities. Students are often afraid to report crime information because they fear reprisal from the person they are reporting. WeTip gives students and their families an opportunity to give information without fear.

When someone calls the WeTip hotline, the first words they will hear from the operator will be,


"This is the WeTip Crimeline, please do not give your name."

The operator will then ask a series of questions, designed by law enforcement, to obtain the maximum amount of information about the reported crime. Information is then immediately relayed to the appropriate Police, Fire, and Sheriff's agencies.

The WeTip School Safety Program is a unique nationwide program designed to provide a way for students and staff to give information anonymously regarding school crime. WeTip created the school safety program in 1972 to provide a way for anyone to give information on threats, drug trafficking and criminal activity in their schools and neighborhoods, anonymously.