Vallecitos School District Teams up with Harper For Kids to Instill Character Education and Foster Student Success in the 2023-2024 Academic Year

The Vallecitos School District proudly announces an exciting collaboration with Harper For Kids, a renowned organization specializing in character education programs for children. Our partnership aims to empower our students with valuable life skills and virtues by utilizing their book, Inch and Miles: The Journey to Success as the springboard for our program.  The Harper for Kids children's book is inspired by UCLA's legendary Coach John Wooden's Pyramid of Success, which will heavily influence our coaching, mentoring, and recognition activities for the coming school year.

The Pyramid of Success, created by Coach John Wooden, serves as the guiding philosophy for this innovative initiative. It emphasizes the importance of building a strong foundation of character traits and values to achieve personal and academic success. Through this partnership, Vallecitos School District endeavors to create an inclusive and nurturing environment that fosters growth, resilience, and a sense of purpose among our young learners.

Expertly tailored for elementary students, the Harper for Kids program will help us develop essential attributes such as integrity, teamwork, self-discipline, and perseverance. By integrating the principles of the Pyramid of Success into the curriculum, students will learn to set and achieve goals, embrace challenges, and develop a positive attitude towards learning and life.

We are thrilled to join forces with Harper For Kids to empower our students with the tools they need to thrive in both their academic journey and personal lives.  By embracing Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success, we aim to instill in our young learners the values of hard work, respect, and resilience, laying the foundation for a bright and promising future."

The Vallecitos School District looks forward to the 2023-2024 school year with great anticipation, as this partnership with Harper For Kids promises to inspire a generation of compassionate, well-rounded, and successful individuals.

For more information about Coach Wooden and his Pyramid of Success, please visit the Harper for Kids website at:  You can also watch a reading of the Inch and Miles: The Journey to Success book on YouTube by clicking here.


September- Hard Work and Enthusiasm
October- Friendship and Loyalty
November- Cooperation
December- Determination
January- Self Control
February- Alertness and Action
March Fitness and Team Spirit
April- Skill and Confidence
May- Poise
June- Personal Best