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 Office Hours: Monday-Friday from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
Holiday Office CLOSED: 12/23/19-1/1/20

The Mission of the Vallecitos School District is to: 

 •  Develop clear and focused learning goals based on high expectations of every student and staff member. 

 •  Monitor student learning frequently to guide instruction and improve student learning. 

•  Provide a safe and orderly environment and a collaborative school-wide culture.

 •  Build positive and productive parental relationships.

 •  Encourage all students to become productive citizens. 

              "Where Achievement Matters"


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 Important Dates

December 20, 2019 - January 6, 2020 - Winter Break             (No School)

School Board Meeting Dates
(take place on the second Tuesday of the month except in June)

Meetings start at 6:00 p.m
June 10, 2019
February 11, 2020
March 10, 2020
April 14, 2020  
May 12, 2020
June 23, 2020
June 25, 2020
August 11, 2020
September  8, 2020
October 13, 2020
November 10, 2020
December 8, 2020

Public Hearing Notice 8/30/19



Parent Notifications

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