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       The Mission of the Vallecitos                       School District is to: 

 •  Develop clear and focused learning goals based on high expectations of every student and staff member. 

 •  Monitor student learning frequently to guide instruction and improve student learning. 

•  Provide a safe and orderly environment and a collaborative school-wide culture.

 •  Build positive and productive parental relationships.

 •  Encourage all students to become productive citizens. 

          "Where Achievement Matters"

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Vallecitos School District Office Hours
Open Monday & Thursday 8am-4pm by appointments only.        
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Office Phone Line: (760) 728-7092               

Important Dates

Thursday, September 17, 2020- DELAC/ELAC Meeting @ 6pm Via Zoom
Friday, September 18, 2020- San Diego Drive Thru Food Bank @ 1:30pm

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