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The Mission of the Vallecitos School District is to: 

 •  Develop clear and focused learning goals based on high                  expectations of every student and staff member. 

 •  Monitor student learning frequently to guide instruction and            improve student learning. 

•  Provide a safe and orderly environment and a collaborative           school- wide culture.

•  Build positive and productive parental relationships.

•  Encourage all students to become productive citizens. 

 Vallecitos School District – Where Achievement Matters!


Vallecitos Elementary School Receives The Title I Academic Achievement Award!

The state of California recently announced the top Title I schools in the state of California.  There are over 6,000 Title I elementary, middle and high schools in the state.  Vallecitos Elementary School won the Title I Academic Achievement Award, placing our school in the top 100 schools in the state.  

The award is given to schools that demonstrated the greatest gains in student achievement over a two year period.  Between 2011 and 2013, our students rose from a historical 50-55% of students school-wide proficient in reading and mathematics to nearly 70% of students demonstrating proficiency in reading and mathematics.  

Our school's Academic Performance Indicator rose an incredible 55 points, from an 808 to an 863 during this two year period. Vallecitos staff will receive the award at a ceremony in Orange County on June 11th.

Congratulations to our students, staff and parents for their dedication and strong commitment to improving student learning.  
A job well done!




The above link will take you to photos of our facilities and a brief story to explain our needs.  On behalf of the Vallecitos staff, we truly appreciate your care and attention to our school.  Please consider a donation.

 Office hours are 8:00 to 4:00pm Monday through Friday

 Important Dates

April 19: Lock Down/Fire Drill 11:20a
April 20: Cross Country Meet (Hamilton) 9:30a-10:30a
April 26: Music at Lunch Day "Fake an Injury & Jersey Day" 
April 29-30: "Weekend of Service"
May 01: Student of the month assembly 8:15a-9:15a
May 01: PTO meeting 3p-4p
May 04: Track Meet (Julian) 9:30a-10:30a
May 13: Science Field Day! (Lakeside Middle School 11833 Woodside Ave) 
May 19: Food Bank 1:30p
May 20: Plant Sale 8a-4p
May 23: 7th & 8th Grade Field Trip Torrey Pines Leave
May 24: *Music at Lunch Day "Shade & La Playa Day"
May 26: Lock Down Fire Drill 9:35a-10:35a
May 26: Volunteer Luncheon @ 1pm
May 30: On the stage 7th & 8th Shakespear Workshop
June 01: ~Grade 8 to Disneyland~
June 05: Grade 8 BBQ
June 05: PTO Meeting 3p-4p
June 06: Preschool Promotion 5p-6p
June 07: Graduation Practice 8:30a-10:30a
June 07: ~Field Day 10:30a-2p~
June 08: 8th Grade Promotion 7p-8p
June 09:            Last Day of School! 
               Student Standout (PK-3) 8:30a-9:30a
                Student Standout (4-8) 10:30a-11:30a
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